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MEDIEVAL WORDS In the Words of King Arthur Standing with the knights  at the round table, a prayer is said..  “May god grant The Wisdom to discover  the right, The Will to choose it, and The Strength to make it endure This was said in times of famine, long cold dark winters, [...]

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COURAGE A TIME FOR CHANGE Courage is choosing to move out of your comfort zone into a new zone of comfort. Courage is the vibration of the emotion that opens the door to a higher consciousness. Courage..... Is finding the bravery to stand up for what you believe in. Is speaking your [...]

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Our Amazing Sun- Health, Vitamin D, and COVID

Our Amazing Sun – Health, Vitamin D and COVID Have you ever stopped and thought about the sun in our sky?  I mean really thought about it. This magnificent life-giving ball of gas at the heart of our solar system has been revered and worshiped by ancient cultures for millennium. It brings [...]

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The Art of Success and Sushi

The Art of Success and Sushi Searching for Simon Those of you who know and like sushi and even those of you that do not, can understand the concept of that “perfect bite”. The bite of food that you put in your mouth, just the right size, and experience all the flavors [...]

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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine AN ANCIENT TAOIST SAYING "The Tao gives birth to the one, The one gives birth to the two,  The two gives birth to the three, The three gives birth to the ten thousand things”            CHINESE MEDICINE – VITALITY IN MOTION Chinese medical thought [...]

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IMAGINATION What will you create today? Second star to the right and then straight up till morning…… This will take you to a place called Neverland…. according to Peter Pan.  Neverland is a place where the imagination IS reality, and the ability to fly is linked to a happy thought and the [...]

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LAUGHTER Laughter is the Best Medicine Science has proven that a good sense of humor and the ability to laugh can be beneficial to you from physical, emotional and social aspects.  DID YOU KNOW...? Laughter improves your emotional health. Laughter triggers the brain’s emotional and reward centers, releasing dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins [...]

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Your Amazing Immune System

YOUR AMAZING IMMUNE SYSTEM Your Amazing Immune System Inside all of us, there exists a built in system that is designed and committed to protect and to be of service. It is called the Immune system. The Immune system is an intelligent, elegant and highly complex collaboration between a multitude of different [...]

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Fight or Flight; or is There Another Way?

FIGHT OR FLIGHT, or is THERE ANOTHER WAY CELEBRATE THE NEW YEAR BY CREATING A NEW YOU – FOR YOUR DOG’S SAKE! Welcome to 2020 and a new you! This is the first in a series of articles to help you learn about stress. I’ll discuss why it’s important, how your state [...]

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Your Energy And Your Dog

Your Energy And Your Dog Last article we gave an overview about the concept of stress and how it affects us, and those around us, even our pets.   This article will go a little deeper into the mechanism and reasons why it is important to understand how things work.  As touched upon [...]

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