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IS IGNORANCE BLISS? Is Ignorance Bliss or is  Self-Awareness the Gateway to a Blissful Existence? We say… life is more blissful if we have a lack of awareness, when we pretend that nothing matters. The question is… What are you not being aware of? What are you ignoring? Is it you, your [...]

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SICK AND TIRED Why are we all so sick? “When we are well we wish for a thousand things, when we are sick we wish for one”   Confucius  Aren’t we sick and tired of being SICK and TIRED? It is said “There is no rest for the weary”. Well, perhaps if we [...]

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TRUST Why do we trust? Who do we trust? Why is it difficult to trust? Trust is confidence earned by someone in a relation to someone else gained by honesty and integrity. Trust is important for deeper connections that we need as individuals, as a species. Trust lends itself to community, cooperation, [...]

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If You’re Trying too Hard, You’re Doing it Wrong

IF YOU'RE TRYING TOO HARD, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG If you’re trying too hard, you’re doing it wrong. A phrase, filled with deeper wisdom beyond face value. When my kids came to me, red faced and frustrated…complaining, struggling with opening a jar, a cabinet, fiddling with or building a toy, its box [...]

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2021 A Year of Growth and Discernment

2021 A Year of Growth and Discernment The Beginning of an End, and the End of What had Begun The time has come to become a part of  the earth and not be apart from the earth. We as a species have lost our way and have become separated from each other [...]

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WELCOME A NEW YEAR A Time for Change On the eve of a new year,  at the edge of the full moon, within the confluences of great planetary alignments, bathed in the energies of cosmic, galactic, planetary, collective, individual, and divine influences... we create. The creation of new beginnings, a bridge to [...]

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G.O.M.E.R.   Get Out Of My Emergency Room The acronym GOMER was coined by Dr. Samuel Shem in his medical satirical book House of God. It has a few meanings but essentially refers to a patient that has a long list of chronic illness that needs to be treated in places other [...]

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MEDIEVAL WORDS In the Words of King Arthur Standing with the knights  at the round table, a prayer is said..  “May god grant The Wisdom to discover  the right, The Will to choose it, and The Strength to make it endure This was said in times of famine, long cold dark winters, [...]

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COURAGE A TIME FOR CHANGE Courage is choosing to move out of your comfort zone into a new zone of comfort. Courage is the vibration of the emotion that opens the door to a higher consciousness. Courage..... Is finding the bravery to stand up for what you believe in. Is speaking your [...]

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Our Amazing Sun- Health, Vitamin D, and COVID

Our Amazing Sun – Health, Vitamin D and COVID Have you ever stopped and thought about the sun in our sky?  I mean really thought about it. This magnificent life-giving ball of gas at the heart of our solar system has been revered and worshiped by ancient cultures for millennium. It brings [...]

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