The subtle energetic action fueled by thankfulness.

“It is not Happiness that brings us Gratitude it is Gratitude that brings us Happiness”

What is the frequency of Gratitude… what does it feel like?

In a moment of stillness…


As I drift along the flowing river, feeling the sun upon my face, as it kisses my being, and warms my heart;

My foot drops into water as the coolness washes over me.

Seeing the vibrant green tones of the leaves on the giving trees that offer occasional shade.

Hearing the water that gently falls from the stones above. It moves me, it carries me, the mist softly caressing me.

My mind becoming the imagination of dreams yet to come.

My heartbeat connected to the pulse of the earth, my breath flowing within the songs of the birds.

I drift along in peace, in love, no worries, no cares, fully supported in the moment by a universe that loves me, and I love back. 

Funny how the lines are blurred between the love when we give into the oneness and become each other.

There is no me or you anymore, it is just all and all that we are, together drifting in a flowing sea of love.

That is Gratitude