2024 A Year of Alchemy and Acceptance

2024 A YEAR of ALCHEMY and ACCEPTANCE Becoming a Human BEING….Again Beautifully Expanding Intuitively Naturally into Greatness. To most, Alchemy is the antiquated process of turning lead into gold.  Why lead, why gold?  Metaphorically it is turning something that is highly toxic into something that is of ultimate divinity. Gold is the [...]

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2023 A YEAR of TRANSMUTATION and TRANSCENDENCE The Alchemy of Life The time has come as we enter a new year, to enter into a new state of being, to allow the movement of the chaos as you witness the orchestration, and re- organization of a new experience, existence and understanding. It [...]

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FORGIVENESS  “Every sadness of the human heart, every indignity of the human condition, every tragedy of the human experience can be attributed to one human decision- the decision to withdraw from each other. Ignoring our oneness creates the deepest loneliness of the human heart, and every misery of the human condition”. Neale [...]

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2022 A Year of Emergence and Actualization

2022 A Year of Emergence and Actualization You are the person you have been waiting for! You are the person that the world is waiting for! Do we have enough consciousness, intelligence, rationality, creativity, empathy and love to let life on earth survive? We are all sentient beings, [...]

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SICK AND TIRED Why are we all so sick? “When we are well we wish for a thousand things, when we are sick we wish for one”   Confucius  Aren’t we sick and tired of being SICK and TIRED? It is said “There is no rest for the weary”. Well, perhaps if we [...]

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My Relationship with COVID

MY RELATIONSHIP WITH (a guy named) COVID My Relationship with (a guy named) COVID At first you were an idea, a potential that I have yet to meet.  I heard many different stories about you, everyone seemed to know of you, but didn’t really know you. You were so mysterious. When you [...]

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2021 A Year of Growth and Discernment

2021 A Year of Growth and Discernment The Beginning of an End, and the End of What had Begun The time has come to become a part of  the earth and not be apart from the earth. We as a species have lost our way and have become separated from each other [...]

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Our Amazing Sun- Health, Vitamin D, and COVID

Our Amazing Sun – Health, Vitamin D and COVID Have you ever stopped and thought about the sun in our sky?  I mean really thought about it. This magnificent life-giving ball of gas at the heart of our solar system has been revered and worshiped by ancient cultures for millennium. It brings [...]

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Your Amazing Immune System

YOUR AMAZING IMMUNE SYSTEM Your Amazing Immune System Inside all of us, there exists a built in system that is designed and committed to protect and to be of service. It is called the Immune system. The Immune system is an intelligent, elegant and highly complex collaboration between a multitude of different [...]

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A Year of Clarity and Balance

A YEAR OF CLARITY AND BALANCE A message of mindfulness In the start of this new decade 2020, there is an essence of newness, of change, not felt before. A shift in the way we view things. What we are sensitive to, in tune with and in alignment with. Going forward to [...]

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