“The only thing that will never change is that there will always be change. As we bridge the gap between science and mysticism we can connect to our higher consciousness, and help build the foundation and support for others to cross. We must step out of our comfort zone and create a new zone of comfort.”

~Dr. Barrie Sands


Dr. Barrie Sands is a veterinarian, healer, educator, scientist, author, artist, and speaker. She values seeking truth as it pertains to humanity, and our relationships that we have with ourselves, each other, nature and the animals we co-habitate with.

Her vision of being a healer of all life, lead her into her training to become a veterinarian. Her mission to save lives as a veterinarian brought her into the healing realm of humans with an understanding of the powerful and intimate connection shared by humans and their animals.

Her philosophy is that we are all connected on a deeper level than is realized and speaks not only about bridging the gap between science and mysticism, but about becoming the bridge as the foundation of a new consciousness.

Her passion for  a deeper understanding about how things work, and her fascination with both the ethereal world and  its three dimensional constructs – led her down a scholarly path of  investigating and understanding in inner working of our bodies and how it pertains to the  world around and beyond.

It is through her knowledge of the sciences,  decades of experiences as an animal healer and emergency  room doctor  and delving into the esoteric realms of consciousness and the subconscious ; that she gains inspiration , from her unique perspective, to speak about  multispecies, ethnobiologic, anthropomorphism,  in other words;  how we show up in the world, who we are, how we relate and perceive  ourselves, each other, nature and the animals around us.

Being a native New Yorker, raised in Brooklyn, she portrays a courageous  edgey- ness as she delivers her ideas, and knowledge in a fun, artistic  and humorous way while  relating to the deeper more profound essence of our own humanity .

Her powerful presentations will inspire a sense of inner and outer wellbeing and ignite the spark that drives us towards a mindset  of community, co- operation and co-creation to becoming the best version of ourselves that we can be.

The only thing that will never change, is that there will always be change.   As we bridge the gap between science  and  mysticism we can  connect  to our higher consciousness, and  build the foundation and  support for others to cross.  We must step out of our comfort zone  and step into a new zone of comfort”. ~Dr. Barrie Sands

The Story of the Logo


The Meaning

Transformation with joy, grace and lightness of being; embracing science and spirituality, with the mindfulness of being in the moment, creating in a world of potential and endless possibilities; because it just IS.    

The logo that I have conceptually created tells a story. A story about me and what I would like to share.

My father passed away not too long ago, and even though I felt emotionally, and mentally complete in his passing, there was this lingering sadness that felt incomplete.   One night in a lucid dream, as I was walking through a busy area where people gathered, I was  pleasantly surprised to hear  my father’s voice talking to someone. I approached him and asked him what he was doing here? He replied that he missed me and had a gift for me.

In the next moments… which seemed like eternity; we held each other in a deep, heart- felt love embrace that I don’t recall having with him when he was with the living. I wept in his arms with a feeling of such profound love and gratitude for the chance to hold him again and tell him how much I loved him.  He said he loved me and then gave me a small box.

I opened the box to find a shimmering silver necklace with 2 dragonflies hanging from a small bar. When I looked up to thank him, he was gone.  I have not seen him since.

I have never before really understood the nature and meaning of the dragonfly, but knew it had purpose and meaning for me at this time.

According to Native American lore, the dragonfly represents a gift from departed souls, and in many other cultures it represents the essence of  new beginnings, with  joy and the lightness of being, embracing transformation,  with ease and grace.

The dragonfly with the snake around the base is an artistic depiction of the ancient healing staff of Hermes that has since represented the medical community, as what is called a caduceus.

The lotus at the top represents the blossoming and emergence of beauty from the unseen murkiness where magnificence lies dormant. Swirling around is the atomic, yet quantum structure of endless possibilities. And as the snake wraps around the dragonfly body –the two letters I and S come together because it just IS.

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