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Why is the Sympathetic Nervous System Not Sympathetic?

Why is the Sympathetic Nervous System Not Sympathetic? What is Sympathy? To have sympathy is to understand the plight of someone or something. It is to say that “Even though I have not experienced that myself, I am with you.”  Then there is empathy. Sympathy is different from empathy whereby empathy is [...]

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Understanding the Breath of Life

UNDERSTANDING THE BREATH OF LIFE THE TRUE BREATH OF LIFE Life is an exchange of energy, of molecules, of biochemicals in a continuous dance of enzymatic driven reactions. In the form of light, frequency, vibrations. There are over quadrillion, quadrillion, quadrillion players in this game. Each serving a specific purpose and role [...]

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2024 A Year of Alchemy and Acceptance

2024 A YEAR of ALCHEMY and ACCEPTANCE Becoming a Human BEING….Again Beautifully Expanding Intuitively Naturally into Greatness. To most, Alchemy is the antiquated process of turning lead into gold.  Why lead, why gold?  Metaphorically it is turning something that is highly toxic into something that is of ultimate divinity. Gold is the [...]

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Kibble Is Not What You Think It Is

Kibble Is Not What You Think It Is People are led to believe that dry food, aka kibble, is the BEST food for their dog or cat. Why is that?  Let’s uncover the lies and falsehoods. Here are some comments that people have about kibble diets.   “What do you mean- I [...]

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When Did We Become Afraid of Food?

When Did We Become Afraid of Food? DIET…The conversation that no one wants to have. These are conversations that affect us to the core of our belief systems. When did we become afraid of food? When did we become suspicious of nutrients as that which can harm us? The answer… when the [...]

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Chicken Soup

CHICKEN SOUP CHICKEN SOUP FOR YOU and YOUR DOG Try to use all organic ingredients  Ingredients 1 Organic Chicken- whole or pre-cut in pieces 6 quarts filtered water 3 medium carrots- chopped 2 celery stalks- chopped ¼ cup shiitake mushrooms- chopped  can use other mushrooms such as maitake, oyster, clamshell, trumpet 2 [...]

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2023 A YEAR of TRANSMUTATION and TRANSCENDENCE The Alchemy of Life The time has come as we enter a new year, to enter into a new state of being, to allow the movement of the chaos as you witness the orchestration, and re- organization of a new experience, existence and understanding. It [...]

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FORGIVENESS  “Every sadness of the human heart, every indignity of the human condition, every tragedy of the human experience can be attributed to one human decision- the decision to withdraw from each other. Ignoring our oneness creates the deepest loneliness of the human heart, and every misery of the human condition”. Neale [...]

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BELIEF The Choice to Believe What is a belief? It is a decision to recognize something as true to you and embody that truth within the core of your being. We affirm our beliefs in many ways. Sometimes we believe with our external senses, through the interpretation what we see, what we [...]

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A Shamans Journey

A SHAMANS JOURNEY A Journey  Within Someone asked… How does one prepare for a Shamans journey? Well…as I was preparing to travel out of the country to go on a Shamans Journey... at the last moment, Spirit had other plans for our co-creation. So...How does one prepare for a Shamans journey? You [...]

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