Illumina Sciencia

Illumina Sciencia is a term that I use to describe the concept of shedding light upon
or becoming enlightened with the sense of Knowing.

Everything we do in life, our life style choices, health and wellbeing, what we think, what we eat, what we feel and believe; our relationships with ourselves, each other or our pets and animals are all related to how we define ourselves and the world around us.

The word “Science” has been used to describe the knowledge obtained by observation and systems of studying the world and phenomena.  Ancient and indigenous cultures observed the world through unseen internal mechanisms that came from a place of great intuitive intelligence. This place resides inside all of us and is concentrated within our hearts.

When the body experiences a moment of “truth” or a state of illumination, a global  physiologic reaction occurs; some describe  it as a  tingling, a “fizzy” sensation, or when you get “goosebumps”.  This feeling is the collection of all our  cells applauding and   jumping for joy,  because in these moments, we are finally realizing  what they have known all along.       It is the vibration of truth.

When we tap into our intuitive innate intelligence we allow for divine wisdom to speak trough us and guide us towards a state of well- being in connection with our mind- body- and spirit.

Illunina Sciencia is bridging  the gap between science and  spirituality  or mysticism  and  building the bridge  to a  higher consciousness that  allows us to experience with elegance and divinity the essence of  being in the moment  and knowing   that everything  just  IS.

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