If you’re trying too hard, you’re doing it wrong.

A phrase, filled with deeper wisdom beyond face value.

When my kids came to me, red faced and frustrated…complaining, struggling with opening a jar, a cabinet, fiddling with or building a toy, its box or anything else;

I would say to them “If you’re trying too hard, you’re doing it wrong”

It is a phrase.. and the use of the word ‘wrong’ is not to be taken as the opposite of ‘right’ in a judgmental sense, but in that… there is always another way that is in better alignment of what you are trying to achieve.

This not only applies to objects or things but to all life processes, decisions, relationships, conversations, beliefs, mindsets, career moves, business plans, and all communication.

Life is meant to be easy, smooth, seamless.

If you’re trying too hard and not getting the result you want then you need to stop, breathe, re-evaluate and try a different way.

Choose a different modality, a different mind- set, a different perspective, a new outlook.

Life is meant to be easy, smooth, seamless….trust that!

Just like  Occam’s Razor … ( a rule of thumb; extrapolated from the teachings of  William of Ockham, a 13 th century Franciscan friar, philosopher, theologian and logician)

“When confronted with multiple problems, solutions or explanations,  the simplest is usually the right one”

When you choose a path with the ease that is in alignment of your goals, the results will always come quicker and smoother.