STRESS A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING Over the last one hundred years through research and discovery, our understanding of the stress mechanisms in humans and animals has evolved from anatomical, chemical, and environmental pathways to energetic interconnectedness influenced by epigenetics and biofield physiology. We realize that all these factors play an interdependent role in [...]

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DE-STRESS A Journey into Wellness Now that we have become a little more familiar with the stress mechanisms and some of the whys. Let’s dive into the hows of how can we create a shift of change in ourselves and our pets. As we embrace the shifts and the changes, keep in [...]

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G.O.M.E.R.   Get Out Of My Emergency Room The acronym GOMER was coined by Dr. Samuel Shem in his medical satirical book House of God. It has a few meanings but essentially refers to a patient that has a long list of chronic illness that needs to be treated in places other [...]

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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine AN ANCIENT TAOIST SAYING "The Tao gives birth to the one, The one gives birth to the two,  The two gives birth to the three, The three gives birth to the ten thousand things”            CHINESE MEDICINE – VITALITY IN MOTION Chinese medical thought [...]

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Fight or Flight; or is There Another Way?

FIGHT OR FLIGHT, or is THERE ANOTHER WAY CELEBRATE THE NEW YEAR BY CREATING A NEW YOU – FOR YOUR DOG’S SAKE! Welcome to 2020 and a new you! This is the first in a series of articles to help you learn about stress. I’ll discuss why it’s important, how your state [...]

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Your Energy And Your Dog

Your Energy And Your Dog Last article we gave an overview about the concept of stress and how it affects us, and those around us, even our pets.   This article will go a little deeper into the mechanism and reasons why it is important to understand how things work.  As touched upon [...]

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COHERENCE THE BASIS OF HEALTH, WELLNESS AND CLEAR COMMUNICATION My first article introduced the concept of stress as having a profound effect on our health and on the relationship with our dogs.  Last article talked about the energies that we share and touched upon the mechanisms of how our emotions and thoughts [...]

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