Is Ignorance Bliss or is  Self-Awareness the Gateway to a Blissful Existence?

We say… life is more blissful if we have a lack of awareness, when we pretend that nothing matters.

The question is…

What are you not being aware of? What are you ignoring?

Is it you, your life, the people, the places, and all the events in it?

In truth, we find bliss in the act of becoming aware of the most important aspect of existence…

Who we are… What we are doing… and How we behave.

To be able to observe ourselves as a spectator of our own experience and see who we are and how we navigate through our lives, is a personal and sacred opportunity to bear witness to ourselves.

Can we do that without judgment?

Can we do that with compassion, kindness and understanding for who we are and what we do?

It is in those moments when we need it most, to create the path to venture inside our hearts, transmuting the negative energies and allowing the emotions to flow through like rivers of hope filled with peace and the blissful carefree moments that only a heart would know.

Only to find ourselves in a state of  bliss, as we are caught up in the moment and oblivious to all that is around us..

Funny, that when we are in that state of bliss, all our troubles and external influences fade away, as we ignore the world around us…

But it is not ignorance that is bliss.

It is the intentional engagement, in full sensory awareness of the spectacular moments we create, as we embrace who we really are.

                                 “Follow Your Bliss and The Universe Will Open Doors for you, Where There Were Only Walls”    Joseph Campbell 

What blissful experience do you choose to create today?