Your Energy And Your Dog

Last article we gave an overview about the concept of stress and how it affects us, and those around us, even our pets.   This article will go a little deeper into the mechanism and reasons why it is important to understand how things work.  As touched upon in the last article our pets pick up on our “energy” in more profound ways then we appreciate.

A discussion about energy, when it pertains to a biological system has always been considered esoteric and avant-garde.  There is a certain degree of safety in the confines of the sociological norm to keep the conversation of energy to that which incorporates and encompasses Newtonian physics.


Imagine, before an Iditarod run,  your dog,  thinking about how  much energy he would to need to  expend while being attached to a dog sled with 15 other dogs and contemplating  whether calculating the coefficient of friction can be substituted in  place for rolling  resistance.  As you can see, Newtonian physics doesn’t have a place in the realm of the love our dogs have for us and that we have for them. It is much more quantum than that.

There is an unspoken relationship that we have with our dogs, that is psycho-physiologically based.  Basically, what we think and feel they “think” and feel. On the surface, most people will understand that from experience, but there is much more to it than meets the eye.

There are hidden mechanisms in place that can create a shift in another’s physiology by virtue of an exchange of information. The information, albeit encoded and esoteric, is more impactful then we realize. It is this relationship that we will focus on, but first we must have a deeper understanding of our own message that we as dog owners are sending.


Around our bodies and the bodies of our pets, is an unseen but palpable energy field. It is electromagnetic and it exists because we are essentially electromagnetic beings.  An electromagnetic field is created when a charged particle is in motion.  An example of a charged particle is an electron, and a proton.  These basic particles make up atoms, which make up molecules which make up cells which make up organs, which collectively make up a physical body. This is you, and your dog.

To really gain an appreciation, let’s review some bodily facts. Our body is a magnificent complex and elegant three-dimensional bio-logical design. On average, every day, we take 23,000 breaths, our hearts beat 100,000 times, it pumps blood through over 60,000 miles of blood vessels to nourish over 70 trillion cells undergoing over 100,000 cellular reactions every second.

WOW! Thinking about that makes my head spin. I wonder who, or what is in charge of making all that happen so effortlessly? A divine intelligence perhaps?

To go a little deeper or smaller…A human body weighing 154 pounds  is comprised of seven billion billion billion atoms, which is a seven followed by 27 zeros.  Within these atoms are the electrons and protons that create an electromagnetic field. Thereby in essence, at our core, we are an energetic system. 99.999999% energy and 0.000001 % mass.


We virtually exist in a quantum sort of a state, that is definitely hard to appreciate from our own three- dimensional point of view. However, because of the movement of the electrons fluctuating around the atom, an electromagnetic field is created and sustained so that nothing ever really touches anything.  And this infinitesimally small field around all our atoms is part of creating the electromagnetic field that surrounds our bodies.

This is our own personal frequency signature that we send out into the world like radio waves or microwaves. It is all part of our energetic communication mechanisms.   This is how we communicate with each other and our pets, and this is the basis for the studies of bio-field physiology.

Questions arise as to how does this relate to our state of being? What type of information is in the bio- field?  What is driving the communication process?

The heart emits the strongest electric field, which we can measure with an ECG or an electrocardiogram. It is 100 times stronger than that of the brain.  The heart also emits a magnetic field that is 5000 times stronger than the brain.  Magnetocardiology is a technique used to measure the magnetic fields produced by the electrical currents in the heart using extremely sensitive devices such as the SQUID or Superconducting Quantum Interference Device.

It has been shown that the magnetic field of the heart can be detected up to several feet away. This magnetic field provides a plausible mechanism for how we can “feel” or sense another person’s presence and emotional state independent of body language or other factors.


The human and animal body is replete with mechanisms for detecting   its external environment. This is called our sense organs.

These include the sense of touch, sight, smell, sound, and taste. Our skin can detect changes in temperature, and subtle energies like when our hairs stand up on ends,   the cells in  the back of our eye called the retina, can detect a single photon of light, our nose has 400 scent receptors and can detect a single  molecule of gas, and our dogs nose can detect 44 times that due to the 220 million scent receptors they have in their  nose.  (In fact, 1/8 of a dog’s brain is dedicated to the sense of smell).  Our ears pick up on sound vibrations up to 23,000 hertz and our dogs can hear frequencies twice as high as us.

The other way we experience our environment is through our sense of feeling and the energetics of intuition.    Most people think of communication through facial movements, voice qualities, gestures, and body movements. However, evidence obtained from various studies conducted through the Institute of Heart Math over the last 29 years now supports the perspective that a subtle influential electromagnetic or “energetic” communication system is present and operates just below our conscious level of awareness.


Our dogs are the sentient “sensational” beings that have a heightened ability to sense. This also applies to their ability to “feel” our energies.

What you think and how you feel, which makes up your state of being, broadcasts an electromagnetic signature into the field that influences things within that field.  The links between our thoughts and feelings have been well established.

Negative or depleting thoughts create negative or depleting feelings or emotions. Positive or renewing thoughts create positive or renewing emotions.  Remember we are emotional beings, and emotions are not classified as good or bad, they are what they are. It is how we choose to manage them that is important.


The quality and amplitude of the heart’s electromagnetic field changes with your emotions.  Renewing emotions like care, appreciation, gratitude, compassion, and love have a high frequency and carry a more organized signal, and depleting  emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, frustration and judgment  have a low frequency and transmit a more chaotic signal.

The relevance of this manifests and translates into our overall   state of wellness or disease.    Studies have proposed that the transmission   of emotional information via electromagnetic fields into the environment can be detected by others and processed in the same manner as internally generated signals. What this means is that what you are putting out into the field around you is being picked up by your dog (because you are emotionally relevant to him or her) and your dog will take that on as if he was expressing that himself.  (So, for you dogs’ sake, be mindful of what you think and how you feel).

Our thoughts are electric, and our feelings are magnetic and together what we think and feel, is feeding into the energetic field around us.

We know that we all produce electromagnetic fields and that the quality of our emotions and thoughts influence the clear communication of that field.

We know that other humans and animal can sense each other’s fields.

We know that the heart is at the center of these transmissions and by extensive research  incorporating complicated algorithms based upon a long list of psycho, neuro, cardio, immune, hormonal and , physiological parameters there is enough evidence to suggest that we have a profound interconnected relationship with each other and our pets that are biologically relevant.

Our mind, body and emotion systems strive for balance and perform at optimum capacity when we are in a state of coherence.

Stay tuned for the next article when I will talk all about Coherence, the physiology and the tools and technology to get into a state of coherence.


Heart focused breathing is the essential first-step component for all other stress management techniques.


You can use it to reduce the intensity or turn down the volume of depleting emotions. It helps to establish a calm but alert state. You’ll be surprised how effective it can be if you use it mindfully in the heat of the moment.

First, focus your attention in the area of the heart.

Now, imagine your breath is flowing in and out of your heart or chest area, breathing a little slower and deeper than usual (suggested five seconds inhale, five seconds exhale).

Continue breathing for one minute.