Becoming a Human BEING….Again

Beautifully Expanding Intuitively Naturally into Greatness.

To most, Alchemy is the antiquated process of turning lead into gold.  Why lead, why gold?  Metaphorically it is turning something that is highly toxic into something that is of ultimate divinity. Gold is the precious element produced from supernova nucleosynthesis and the collision of neutron stars.  Its Latin name aurum meaning ‘shining dawn’ is the basis for its chemical element symbol Au. It is associated with perfect and divine principles, wisdom and fruition.

Alchemy is the ultimate transformation and transmutation of a BEING to BE in its entirety. It is the act of embracing who we really are. The process of Alchemy is through ultimate acceptance, and letting go of all judgement, as we reach a state of compassion. It is in the allowance and acceptance of your entire being, with the deep understanding of who you are whereby you allow and accept others to be who they are.

You are more than you think, you are more than you believe.

You are a beautiful amalgamation of the frequencies of all your emotions in one.

As emotions have energy. Lots of Energy!  We transmute through our emotions.  One can think of this process like light shining through a prism. Where on one side are all the different colors and frequencies of visible light moving through the prism in a state of reflection, and on the other side in the unified state, is that which is from a source point.  White Light.

The prisms disperse the white light into its different rainbow frequencies.  Did you ever wonder why we don’t create white light from a rainbow?  It is because we are already white light, and becoming the rainbow is our way and ability to be able to express ourselves in the multitudes of ways we do.

Red is no ‘greater’ a color than blue, as joy is no ‘greater’ an emotion than sadness.

Just like colors, our emotions have frequencies, and they are not right or wrong, good or bad, they are just different expressions of the whole of who we are and how we express it.  When we are able to take all those emotions, accepting our joy with our guilt, our pride with our shame, our gratitude with our sadness, our courage with our fear, all together they create the ultimate expression of white light.

The powerful expression of love!

As a race of Human Beings, we have the unique ability to emote. It is through the allowance of these frequencies individually and collectively that creates the ultimate power that we have to change.  Moving from a state of Lack- Limitation- Separation…into Abundance- Freedom- Coherence, as we embrace our Divine nature of BEING- Beautifully Expanding Intuitively Naturally into Greatness.

We achieve this Alchemy when we are Heart Centered and Present.

We transmute into a healthy state filled with vitality, inspiration, creativity, manifestation, and fruition as we open up to the possibilities of moving into a new frequency, that which resonates with an ultimate expression of our truest nature, that of love and compassion, reclaiming our laughter and playfulness.  As we focus on the frequency and not the form, as we focus on the energy and not the matter, we begin to resonate and vibrate at a higher frequency that will manifest and materialize in its own divine timeline.

As we feel the feels of all that we are with full acceptance of all that we are, we become the alchemist of our own experience. As we re-unite with our divinity and our innate sovereignty with grace and ease, we become the light that shines and illuminates all, even the stars themselves, for their brilliance is only a reflection of who we truly are.

As we move into this new year 2024…

Numerically it carries the vibration of the number 8.

2+0+2+4= 8

It has the attributes of great balance, strength, endurance, and flow.  It is considered The Breath of the Compassionate as it is the infinite, rhythmic in-breath and out-breath of the Divine. Within this rhythm exists a harmony as eight notes make up an octave. This octave is a measurement for spiritual and dimensional evolution. The octave relationship is a natural phenomenon that has been referred to as the “basic miracle of music”, as it is the essence of the expansive relationship between harmonics.

As we bring in this new year let us create,  from the sea of notes  we harmonize from a field of infinite possibilities, as the alchemists of our own creation, as our energy embraces the synergy within ourselves and each other… may we illuminate the melodies and the song of the brilliance of who we truly are!

Much blessings for this New Year!