Your Amazing Immune System

YOUR AMAZING IMMUNE SYSTEM Your Amazing Immune System Inside all of us, there exists a built in system that is designed and committed to protect and to be of service. It is called the Immune system. The Immune system is an intelligent, elegant and highly complex collaboration between a multitude of different [...]

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A Year of Clarity and Balance

A YEAR OF CLARITY AND BALANCE A message of mindfulness In the start of this new decade 2020, there is an essence of newness, of change, not felt before. A shift in the way we view things. What we are sensitive to, in tune with and in alignment with. Going forward to [...]

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Choose Love over Fear

CHOOSE LOVE OVER FEAR I Choose Love over Fear I Choose to stand in my light and the shadow that is cast is mine, and I will not project it onto another. I Choose to be aware of and acknowledge my shadow as it follows me and changes though time. I understand [...]

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The Meaning of Orchids

THE MEANING of ORCHIDS The Meaning of Orchids All my life I have had much difficulty keeping certain plants alive; orchids being one of them. They have been gifted to me a number of times and each time I apologized in advance and made a weak attempt for a promise that this [...]

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