The Art of Success and Sushi

Searching for Simon

Those of you who know and like sushi and even those of you that do not, can understand the concept of that “perfect bite”. The bite of food that you put in your mouth, just the right size, and experience all the flavors you ever loved  within that one perfect moment, that transcends you, beyond space and time,  to an otherworldly place; as you close your eyes and go Mmmm.  Shear satisfaction!

Everyone’s perfect bite is going to be different because WE are different.

What we may take for granted, is that someone else is creating that perfect bite for us. How can another person do that – and not know me… I mean REALLY know me.

Meet Simon, a sushi chef…. A person of great talent, beautiful knife skills, an eye for color and form, and a respect for food that can only come from a deeper understanding and reverence for its divine nature of origin.  Add intuition and the art of listening and … Voila…. The Perfect Bite!

Standing on the other side of the sushi bar was a person who could see into my soul.  He would ask…what would you like? I would answer with a short list of ingredients of what I was “feeling” in the moment.  He would smile, nod and then quietly withdraw as if waiting for some divine inspiration.

Within a few short moments filled with poetry in motion, he would present me with a creation that was nothing short of spectacular…. And he always served me, not one but two… perfect bites.

Perhaps, because I might be inclined to share…. Or better yet re-experience the moment, as a sort of confirmation- just in case that first bite was too good to be true.

The execution of that is not to be taken for granted.   There are so many working parts and nuances involved.  What is the recipe for success?

It is not unlike the recipe for all success.

The quality, energy and essence of the “raw” materials, a  deeper knowledge and understanding of  what you are working with , the art and skill of assembly, and the vision,  desire, mindfulness, courage and intuition to create something magnificent.

I feel such gratitude, love, and appreciation in that moment for the heavenly experience, the creator and the source.

Sadly, the restaurant closed and with it went Simon; and so my search continues for that perfect bite.

Perhaps in the grander scheme of things, we are all searching for a little bit of Simon inside of us to help create that moment of perfect magnificence.