What is Resilience?

Having resilience is being able to prepare for, adapt, and recover from adversity, challenges, stress, or trauma. It is the ability to be flexible in those moments when we may feel righteous and stubborn and “don’t want to bend”.

It is in those moments of frustration, anger, irritability, anxiety, and depression that we hang on so tightly to our subconscious beliefs that we see no other way than the way that we are being and experiencing.

Having resilience allows us to bend and to bounce back while maintaining our integrity and being true to ourselves without fear or the act of “falling apart”.

When I think of resilience, I think of a young banana tree I once met during a hurricane while I was living  in the West Indies.  As the strong winds and rains were upon it, it moved and bent in all different directions, like in a strange interpretive dance.

It was loose and flowing and at times it appeared like it would get stuck in one position, or even break. But, when the hurricane passed it stood almost upright, looking a little weary.  It took some time to rejuvenate and  recover from the onslaught of heavy rain and wind, and by the next day, there it stood, this beautiful, resilient banana tree.

Watching that banana tree during the hurricane gave me then strength and courage to know that I too, could be flexible, adapt and recover from the adversities and trauma in my own life.

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