In the Words of King Arthur

Standing with the knights  at the round table, a prayer is said..

 “May god grant The Wisdom to discover  the right, The Will to choose it, and The Strength to make it endure

This was said in times of famine, long cold dark winters, uncleanliness, malnutrition, candle light, water wells, fireplaces for heat, hunting for food,  horses and homing pigeons for communication, falcons, war, survival, pillaging, kings, knights, lords, ladies, maidens, squires, peasants..

The times since then have changed.  We have  fast cars, warm homes, electricity, indoor plumbing, fresh water to drink, supermarkets, internet, video games, cell phones, modern day medicine, clean facilities, and so much more.  We are blessed to be alive at this time.

The battles, however, now rage inside of us, our internal struggles born from within. The endless internal stresses. In a time of great comfort, we have great sorrow, for we are at constant war within ourselves. The battle for self-love, and worthiness.  We have choices to fight for what we believe in and not for what they tell us to believe… because we can.

We are stronger than we think, smarter than we know, and more beautiful that we realize.  We have the power within us to connect with that divine greatness that lives inside, and  in connection to all that is.

However long the time between… the words of King Arthur still ring true…

“May god grant The Wisdom to discover the right, The Will to choose it,  and The Strength to make it endure.