What is Inspiration?

What does it feel like to be inspired?

Inspiration is defined as the arousal of the mind or a feeling of enthusiasm from someone or somewhere that leads to the creation or expression of that idea or feeling.

Where does that feeling, or idea come from. Some may say it comes from “out of the blue”, or in that A-HA moment, or perhaps from the ever-magical Muse.

What or who is this Muse?

To muse is to think, ponder, dream, or mediate in silence or the act of quiet gazing meditatively or wonderingly. Where are we in those moments? Who are we listening to?

Homer, the Greek philosopher, and poet (800 BCE) and Geoffrey Chaucer, the English poet and writer (1390) mentioned Muses. They were described as guiding spirits, and sources of inspiration.

According to Greek mythology, the Muses are any of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus, each of whom presided over a different art or science. Mnemosyne means memory.

Buddha once said that “We already know everything; we just have to remember”

However you want to perceive it, these ideas and thoughts come from the invisible, intangible space that exists all around us; the quantum matrix if you will.  It is the etheric place that holds all the information in forms of frequency and vibration. In those quiet and silent moments of pause, pondering , dreaming, or mediating we go into our hearts and connect our minds to the field around us. When we are open to receive the thought, idea, feeling, or image, the inspiration comes through.

Since ancient times we have tapped into this place of creation, and have given it all sorts of labels. Whether it be a Muse, a place, or a time, pick a moment, calm your mind, open your heart, breathe and allow. Allow for the quiet, ask for inspiration…. be open to receive the thoughts and feelings that arise. For it is in these moments of inspiration that creativity is born.