The Choice to Believe

What is a belief?

It is a decision to recognize something as true to you and embody that truth within the core of your being.

We affirm our beliefs in many ways.

Sometimes we believe with our external senses, through the interpretation what we see, what we touch, smell and hear. Sometimes we believe based upon what we feel, as we connect to a deeper place of intuition, and then sometimes we believe what we are being told without any sense of filtering.

Is any one way more or less correct than another?

The real question is…

How do you feel?

Are you comfortable, peaceful; do you have a sense of inner calm and serenity? Or do you feel “ill at ease” or dis- ease?

Here is an example..

 You’re standing upon the soft sands looking out onto the ocean..You see a  shape in the water swimming in front of you in the distance, you think it’s a dolphin and you say….

“Oh my..LOOK, it’s a dolphin, how magical!”

You are elated and excited at such a beautiful sight.  You call over to the people around you to share in this incredible experience. You are bathed in a sense of awe.

 You then look again, a little closer and next you see it is not a dolphin, but a man swimming in a wetsuit and then you say..

Oh… it’s just a man.

And then all of us sudden the feeling of magic and elation changes.

 The inspired feelings changed to a state of disappointment, as you witnessed something from the ordinary.  Your emotions changed in the presence of a different belief.

Regardless of what you thought you saw, which belief felt better?

Why would you not keep that feeling of awe and inspiration in the presence of a dolphin OR a man?

Belief is a powerful vibration and energy that can shift your biology and influence the world around you.

Your belief determines your actions and your action determines your results, but first you have to believe.”

 “You can live life as if nothing was a miracle or you can live life as if everything was a miracle.” Albert Einstein

Believe in life. Believe in your dreams. Believe it’s possible. Believe in wellness. Believe in love. Believe in your pet. Believe in yourself.