Barrie Sands - A Shamans Journey

A Journey  Within

Someone asked…

How does one prepare for a Shamans journey?

Well…as I was preparing to travel out of the country to go on a Shamans Journey… at the last moment, Spirit had other plans for our co-creation.

So…How does one prepare for a Shamans journey?

You get Covid

You travel through a deep emotional journey filled with sadness, judgment, anger, fear.

You ‘try’ to gracefully navigate through the physical process to surrender into and trust that the body and all it’s divine wisdom…knows exactly what it is doing

You imagine the … bright light at the end of the tunnel… especially in those times that it seemed so dark.

You consume all the nutrients your body needs to execute these processes, except for the day that you carb load…just because you felt you needed it!

You call on all your spirit guides, ancestors, angels, elementals and non- physicals… and they ALL show up.

You realize that the people who care for you… show it or don’t show it… in the ways they know how… and ‘it’s all good’

You find the much deeper meaning of Patience and Compassion…for oneself and others.

You are grateful for the unexpected gifts, and for the blessings in the present moments.

And by YOU… I mean ME… and by ME… I mean WE

Because when you change ‘I’ to ‘We’…

Illness becomes Wellness

“You are both the Student and the teacher on the Shamanic  Journey, as life is expressing itself through  you”    Don Jose Ruiz